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Jinjue & Shangdao official website is launched today

Jinjue & Shangdao official website is launched today. To meet the company's development need, establish a good corporate image and let users (customers) learn about the company's products and services through the website, after about several months of preparation, the official website of the company will be launched on April 2, 2020, which marks a solid step of progress of Jinjue & Shangdao in the aspect of informatization establishment.

What is super cotton-like fabric? How to carry out dyeing and finishing of super cotton-like products?

Polyester fabrics are likely to produce pills, and cotton made clothes are likely to deform. What kind of fiber has the good characteristics of both cotton polyester to make up their deficiencies?

The reasons of high quality but low yield of cotton fibers have been found out.

13 scientific research institutions, including the Molecular Breeding Research Team of Institute of Cotton Research of CAAC, Northwest A&F University, Zhengzhou University, etc. have revealed the genetic relationship between the cotton yield and the quality trait of fiber through genetic site research. The quantitative trait of the whole genome. Quality and yield of cotton fibers are further improved by using marker assisted selection, genome editing and other technologies. And important genetic resources and locus information can be provided. Relevant research achievements have been published on Plant Biotechnology Journal.

The colorful stripes and classic property explain different fashion feelings

Stripe element is a choice for summer dressing, so when you choose your dressing, especially for the urban style, the elegance can be forged by stripe products, which achieves unique effects. Please look at the following wear demonstration. You can see combination of different items, and there are various types and styles, including the leisure and simple street style, which is the first choice of urban commuting women.
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